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The CS Department has the following personnel: the department head, the assistant head and four (4) clerks. The department is open twenty-four (24) hours servicing all sectors of the hospital. CSR personnel work forty-eight (48) hours a week and rotate on three (3) shifts- morning, afternoon and night.

The CS department will serve as essential link in the chain of hospital health service dedicated to patient care. The department will provide at all times an adequate supply of safe, effective and quality products for the need of the patients.


- To improve patient care by providing the necessary sterile and un-sterile supplies, articles and equipment in the nursing units and other department of the hospital.

- To provide and maintain products and emergency equipment made safe for patient use.

- To ensure proper sterilization of supplies relevant to hospital procedure.

Manpower Complement

Department Head: 1

Assistant Head: 1

CSR Clerk: 3