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The Department of Radiology uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases such as radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. It functions under the control of Radiologists and qualified technical staff.

The Department shall provide the hospital with high quality radiological services as required for Good Patient Care. These shall be achieved by the adherence to the following criteria:

- All procedures are to be done on a strict basis of clinical priority and confidentiality.

- All services are to be provided only upon the knowledge of the referring physician.

- Adherence to radiation safety shall conform with the guidelines provided by the Radiation Health Office.

- Assistance shall be provided to other hospital departments in the development of optimal clinical diagnosis and management and protocols.

-Prospective clinical research program will be developed.

-• Continuing Education Program for all the staff shall be maintained.

The scope of services include:

a. Out-patient and in patient diagnostic imaging.

b. Helping patients to achieve optimal health status while in hospital.


a. To provide prompt and updated diagnostic procedures for patients

b. To maintain a high standard of ethical and professional services

c. To support continuing medical education for the medical and paramedical services

d. To implement hospital policies in the scope of radiology

e. To promote camaraderie among the medical staff.

Manpower Complement

Department Chairman: 1

Co-chair: 1

Medical Staff: 1

Radiology Staff: 5