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The Infection Control Department, through its Chairperson or physician member, has the authority to institute any appropriate control measures or studies and to recommend corrective action within any department, when there is considered to be a danger to any patient or to personnel. The Infection Control Department has the ultimate authority, in the event that there is a question or disagreement in relation to infection control policy or procedure. To facilitate early and complete reporting, the Infection Control Department, Infection Control Practitioner or the Registered Nurse on the patient care unit has the authority to initiate culture and sensitivity testing and institute any appropriate isolation procedures. When any of these actions are taken, the physician responsible for the patient will be notified.


- To establish a functional surveillance system for control of nosocomial infections.

- To identify, through the surveillance system, any specific problem areas in need of administrative or professional resolution and report to the medical staff of the hospital.

Manpower Complement

Chair: 1

Co-chair: 1