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This Department accommodates complaints of patients and their relatives and other hospital problems/issues. Proper approach is needed in dealing with patient’s relatives and hospital staff.


- To man the department with qualified and competent staff able to handle and meet the needs & satisfaction of patients being admitted in the hospital.

- To ensure that the staffs’ responsibilities & obligations are being observed with quality output and at the same time given job descriptions are properly followed.

- • Ensure that the existing policies & regulation of the hospitals pertaining to professional fees, discounts, promissory notes & discharge of patients are properly observed.

- Make sure that less patients will be seeking for social service assistance instead convince & encourage them to settle their bills and or issue collateral prior to discharge.

- To be able to meet all the required assignments of the department within the allowable or least time with quality output

Manpower Complement

Admin Officer: 1

Asst. to the Admin Officer: 1

Messenger / Liaison oficer : 1