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The Department of Pediatrics promotes the health of children and adolescents with a balanced program that seeks new knowledge through research, provides outstanding educational opportunities, delivers high quality comprehensive clinical care and service, advocates vigorously for children and adolescents, and is responsive to the changing needs of our community and society.


a. To implement hospital policies emanating from the Board of Directors, Hospital Administrator, Medical Director and Chief of Clinics

b. To provide optimum child health care for the Community based on professional skills, knowledge, and experience.

c. To plan towards standardization of specific service units to meet the requirements of the PPS, through which we would be proficient enough to deliver the best medical services to our patients.

d. To provide subspecialty services of pediatric patients in the clinic and beyond.

e. To promote judicious use of antibiotics for our pediatric patients.

f. To encourage each and every pediatrician to formulate and implement cost effective therapeutic regimens.

g.To develop camaraderie, understanding, and unity among consultant staff.

Doctors of Pediatrics:

- Jocelyn S. Frial, MD, FPPS

- Jasmin L. Montecillo, MD

- Ma. Editha Lou C. Pacis, MD, FPPS

- Rodrigo K. Salangsang, Jr., MD

- Ma. Teresa DLC. Samonte, MD